Our curriculum is derived from the Montessori method of teaching and allows for freedom to explore and understand with practical experiments. We believe in training children for life than simply for skills development. At Pacific Explorers, we are constantly endeavoring to provide a challenging and nurturing environment that helps children grow and expand their capabilities and skills naturally without undue stress. We provide a safe and healthy atmosphere for children to grow socially, emotionally, physically, cognitively and creatively. Our interactive, balanced curriculum is derived from Dr. Maria Montessori’s belief that children’s natural interest for learning should be facilitated with the right atmosphere and learning aid, allowing the child the choice of mastering the skills independently through exploration and repeated practice on their own.

Early Childhood at Pacific Explorer Montessori

Pacific Explorer class rooms create a mixed-age environment which is an important feature of Montessori education.The children are grouped with others of similar needs in each curricular area, allowing opportunities for the children to work with younger and older children. This arrangement allows each child to learn at his or her own pace regardless of chronological age, and also facilitate students to learn from each other.

Some of the benefits of the Mixed Age classrooms are:

  1. The older children have the opportunity to become role models.
  2. They become teachers to the younger children, reinforcing what they have learned themselves.
  3. The younger children learn through observing and working with the older children.
  4. Older children gain confidence and a sense of responsibility, and, by showing younger children what he knows, affirms to himself, more surely than any test, the extent of his learning.
  5. Reduce competitiveness and encourages self confidence, tolerance, empathy and cooperation.

When three age levels are represented in a class, children connect with others at their developmental level, not just their numerical age. The social structure of the class is like a microcosm of society, different ages of children working together in harmony. The third year of the cycle allows each child to maximize their individual potential by synthesizing and expanding upon the concepts they have learned.The auto-education facilitated by the prepared environment means that each child is learning and developing at his own pace.

The Pacific Explorer Montessori classroom environment encourages children’s natural desire for independence and the development of self-esteem. Teachers guide children in making choices from the materials and also give individual and small-group lessons during work time. The classroom has an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring where children develop kindness, courtesy and self-discipline.

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