Welcome to the Pacific Explorer Montessori in the City of Torrance, CA. If you were to decide enrolling your child with us, we assure you that your child will be happy and nurtured with lots of love and care.

Our Mission

Pacific Explorer Montessori is focused on practicing the innovative philosophy of  Dr. Maria Montessori that nurtures the child’s natural love for learning. We believe intellectual and character development occurs in an enriched environment where ample opportunities are provided to explore and experience. Therefore, we are committed to provide variety of activities with hands on experience to help children to acquire independence, self actualization and personal excellence.

The school considers each child as an individual and allows them to improve at their own pace with a customized curriculum.

We thank every parent who shares and entrusts the well-being of their precious child with us. We vouch you that we will be their second parents in your absence.