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Pacific Explorer Montessori caters to two age groups:

The Toddler Group - starting at 18 months up to 36 months

At Pacific Explorer Montessori your toddler will be guided by loving, nurturing, qualified teachers. The18-36 months Montessori Program is designed to allow young children to have ample opportunities to exercise their small and large motor skills, achieve independence, improve social skills while fostering their developmental goals. The required teacher child ratio for this group is one adult with six toddlers.

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The Preschool Age Group - starting at 3 years of age until 6 years

Our 3-6 year Montessori program is designed to help children achieve their academic, social and intellectual developmental goals. Our students learn through understanding with the use of Montessori apparatus rater than being told. The skills and concepts are introduced to the children with the aid of a Montessori apparatus to help the children to understand concepts with ease.

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Mixed Age Group Concept At Montessori

Both classrooms are set up according to the Montessori philosophy and operate according to the "Mixed Age Group" concept, where children from 18 to 36 months work together in the same classroom and the children from 3 to 6+ years are also combined to work together in the same educational setting.
Older students have the chance to become mentors to their younger classmates while learning and practicing important leadership skills. Younger children naturally look up to and emulate older children, and so in a classroom with a range of ages, there are always opportunities for a child to “graduate” from observer to leader. Older students also find great joy in being trusted to teach their younger peers.
It’s also a way for older students to build patience and empathy, as they learn how to help others by sharing expertise with tasks that they themselves have mastered. To teach something, you must first have that mastery. The process of passing it on — teaching by example, communicating effectively, reminding oneself of the specific steps, seeing how to correct mistakes — reinforces that mastery. By helping younger students, older students further learn their work. And they learn the foundations and pleasures of taking responsibility and being appreciated.

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